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How It Works

CliniConnects makes companies as efficient as possible. Save time and money by eliminating repetitive tasks.

Integrated Systems

Instantly and automatically match the best clinician to your patient. 

Automatic Scheduling

Determine the priorities for patient-clinician matches that are best for your unique organization.

Customizable Algorithms

CliniConnects has integrated with a number of enterprise partners, including EMR's.

Use Metrics To Help Grow Your Business

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Qualified Providers
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Track performance of referrals

Determine exactly where recruiting should focus

Analyze and improve patient assigning

Home Nurse Examining Patient

Real-Time Insights

See clinicians arrive, check-in, and check out with each patient

On-the-go status updates for clinicians to indicate availability with office staff

One click check-ins with geo location data

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Store HIPAA Safe Invoices and Credentials

Safely manage your companies data, send itemized invoices, and track expiring credentials

Integrated with QuickBooks Online

Performance-based Budgeting

Customizable Billing Templates

Automatic Invoice Reminders

What Our Customers Are Saying

Teams of every size are using Cliniconnects to break through the ceiling and become more efficient

Invest your time where it's needed
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Lynn Steger
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Patient List: 84%
Qualified Providers
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CliniConnects will automatically match your best field staff members to your patients based on any number of customizable priorities, including distance, availability, specialty, and many more.

Instantly match and schedule patients to

CliniConnects has helped match 100,000+ Patients with Clinicians

Instantly match and schedule patients to

Trusted by Leading Healthcare providers

Connect Your Team Like Never Before

CliniConnects changes how your team communicates, and supercharges your workflow. With features for all administrative areas of your business, you'll get more done with less resources. Stop hitting roadblocks, and start getting back to what you do best, providing great quality care.




Human Resources


Business Owners


Mara T., CEO

Words & Motion Speech Therapy Group

"Juggling is name of the game. And your software is a game changer"

Mindy G, Managing Partner

Therapy Advantage, Inc.

"Cliniconnects has been a game changer for us. It enabled us to move from our current manual process of assigning to an automated plan that doesn’t rely on a person to remember all the details of our team."

Trusted by leading healthcare organizations

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