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Case Study: How cliniCONNECTS Gave one CEO an Invaluable Resource

FeldCare Connects, a networking resource for therapists and home health agencies, uses cliniCONNECTS to onboard new clinicians and agencies, connect clinicians with agency patients, recruit new therapists to the program, and much more.

We recently spoke with CEO Randi P. During our conversation she shared how cliniCONNECTS took FeldCare from being wholly dependent upon her and her memory to running functionally without her having to provide input on everyday activities.

In this case study, Randi discusses the system before cliniCONNECTS, how this SaaS changed the way FeldCare Connects runs, and which software features have contributed most to her company’s scalability.

A look into FeldCare Connects before implementing cliniCONNECTS

Like many therapy care businesses, FeldCare Connects began by using whatever was handy. That is, paper, excel spreadsheets, sticky notes, Google Maps, EMR systems, elbow grease, and the CEO’s memory. The company had to constantly hire in order to scale because employees - not automated systems - performed every internal task manually. Many of these actions, like tracking clinician certification or patient matching, can be time-intensive for people to do and are completed more easily through custom-built software.

Because every moving part of the business was completed manually, enormous stress was put on individuals, and any staff departures caused a significant headache.

How cliniCONNECTS changed the way FeldCare Connects operates

During our discussion, Randi elaborated on what our workflow and automation software has done for her therapy network. We could not have said it better ourselves, so here is a quote from the discussion:

“cliniCONNECTS changed how the company operated by establishing a process of order. This allowed for a more seamless flow of information not only from intake to assigning but also allowed for agencies to input information from the get-go so that the whole process was immediate.

“cliniCONNECTS reduced the number of people we needed for each area by two or three people per department. Now we have more employees because we’ve expanded our company and have more referrals, but we could not have scaled the company without cliniCONNECTS.

“The software allows agencies to enter patient information directly. With just a click of a button, the clinician can accept the patient and get all of the information they need to service the patient, map their location for a visit, call the patient directly, and more because the system is HIPPA compliant. The clinician has all the information needed to serve the patient right at their fingertips.

“Do you remember that matching game where you turn a card over and then have to remember where the other card is? That’s what it was before cliniCONNECTS.

“I was the one who always remembered where the therapists were - it was ridiculous and limited our growth.

“cliniCONNECTS allows us to expand and grow and not rely on a specific individual because it’s all there.”

Company growth since implementing cliniCONNECTS

When discussing company growth with Randi, two things came up.

First, if the FeldCare team had continued using the tools they had in place, the company would not have been able to grow without a massive team. This is because their existing system was built on individuals accomplishing tasks every step of the way with no automation.

Second, with the automation, data storage, and intuitive features offered by cliniCONNECTS, FeldCare grew exponentially. They are now in multiple states across the country, connecting clinicians, home health providers, and patients. They can track things like certification, service radius, agency requirements, and much more through the software they have in place, rather than hiring resident experts in each county and state.

Five Favorite cliniCONNECTS Functions

Randi shared many different features and functions that help her company run smoothly with processes in place.

Here are a few of the many software functions she listed as her favorites:

1. Metrics

She said, “The system's reporting functionality provides vital data, which gives me a snapshot of how my company is running. This feature allows us to be more dynamic and understand agency and recruitment needs, improve quality assurance, and more. We can be dynamic, and I get a top-level view of how the business is going.”

2. Usability for clinicians

As stated above, Randi loves that cliniCONNECTS allows clinicians to take patient assignments into their own hands. They can accept or reject patients based on geographic location, type of care needed, and any number of other criteria. This allows clinicians to follow their passion and area of specialty and provides them with greater control of their schedule.

Randi said, “The beauty of cliniCONNECTS is a clinician can set their radius by territory or zip code, and when a referral comes in, they get immediately notified and can accept it. Because of the geolocator in the system, they can access everything they need and schedule themselves once they’ve accepted the patient.”

3. HR Credentialing

Randi shared, “We can keep track of all of the required credentials. FeldCare Connects serves different states, and each state has different credentialing requirements along with expiration dates associated with those requirements. With cliniCONNECTS, we can set reminders to go out when someone is nearing their credentialing expiration date. If someone is non-compliant, we can turn off their account until they update their credentials.

“Can you imagine having to do that manually? That’s what we used to do. Now, we have this whole system on the HR side that allows us to keep track of credentialing, and each time it’s submitted to the EMR system, all of the records are accessible to the agency. So, for the agency, it’s amazing because they go through their surveys to keep their licensing and a big part of that is credentialing.”

4. EMR Integration

Randi said, “One of the other features that have made this software amazing is that it integrates with the EMR system the therapists document in. That integration makes the internal administration piece amazing. It’s a click of a button, and all of that data is transferred to the EMR system.

“Before this was in place, it would take one person to enter maybe 15 or 20 referrals a day, and we have between 80-100 referrals a day. Then it was taking forever to get referrals entered into the EMR system, which meant that the internal admin was slowing down patient care. Now, because integration occurs, the therapists get same-day referrals, allowing the agencies we work with to provide their patients with the rapid care they expect.”

5. The pervasiveness of its functionality

Randi told us, “cliniCONNECTS touches every department from recruiting to invoicing to intake, to assigning. Not only is there a ton of functionality for the clinicians and home health agencies in our network, but we have build-outs for specific departments.

“For example, we have an entire build-out for the recruiting division. We can see what referrals are coming in for what areas, and the system will tell us which locations need more therapists. This activates our recruiting division, so they know what to look for to service the patient referrals we get.

“There is also a finance feature. Agencies can simply log onto the portal and download all of their invoices. It’s all HIPPA compliant. The agencies we work with are able to access everything in cliniCONNECTS, get the information they need, get the invoice, and pay the clinician. And on the clinician’s end, they can push a button to generate their invoice. Before, had to create a spreadsheet, which was triple the amount of work.”

Would you like to discover how cliniCONNECTS workflow and automation software can revolutionize your business, reduce staffing overhead, and set your company up for successful scaling? Schedule a demo today!

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