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Case Study: How CliniConnects Increased Efficiency for One Freelance Physical Therapist

One freelance physical therapist who uses CliniConnects shared his story with the software, and we are sharing that story with you today.

Chris K. is a home-health physical therapist specializing in orthopedics and post-operative care. He has worked as a freelance home health PT for the past seven years and has found it extremely rewarding. However, there were some very time-consuming and unprofitable aspects of the job that he did not enjoy.

The main sticking point, initially, was the invoicing.

Before the agencies he worked with started using CliniConnects, Chris would get a text or phone call about a patient in his listed area. He would have to accept on the fly, asking for more information to find out if the patient fit his specialty, truly was in his service area and could match with the openings in his schedule. There was a lot of back and forth.

Additionally, he had to invoice using Excel, which would take about a day out of his work week. That was a day during which he was missing out on the patient care he could provide.

Since he started using CliniConnects, he has been able to cut that invoicing time down significantly, giving him the option to work shorter days and mold his schedule to fit his needs and other obligations.

The app allows him to:

  • See the basic (HIPPA-compliant) patient information before accepting the patient.

  • Accept or decline a patient quickly.

  • Connect with the patient rapidly.

  • Invoice efficiently.

  • Easily deal with paperwork.

  • Come into a visit with confidence.

  • Provide the care the patient needs even during an initial visit.

The CliniConnects app allows Chris to name his specialty, state what types of patients he prefers, and define his service area. Because he is getting the patients that perfectly match his specialty, he can come into the initial visit projecting confidence and give the patient the best care possible. Then, when the visit is over, he can rapidly complete the necessary paperwork along with the billing.

The one word that came up most during the conversation was “efficiency.”

Chris and physical therapists like him often provide valuable feedback, helping the CliniConnects team improve the software and make it even more efficient for all users. In fact, Chris is so pleased with CliniConnects that he consistently tells others about the app.

This case study shows that increased efficiency is not just vital to the management of a larger company. Improving efficiency benefits PRN employees, freelance clinicians, and in-house clinicians.

Clinicians value their time and prefer to work with businesses that demonstrate how much they value a clinician's effort in honing their skills within their specialty. Spending a day or two working out scheduling complications, sorting out invoices, and doing paperwork is time that the PT, OT, SLP, or RD could be spending helping patients in their area.

For many therapists, their passion is helping patients - not paperwork.

So, if you want to increase business efficiency and profitability for your company, your employees, and the clinicians in your network, set up a CliniConnects demonstration today. Find out how the software can save you and your clinicians time and money.

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