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Five Methods for Attracting PRN Clinicians

Depending on your business model, attracting contract or PRN clinicians can solve staffing shortages, take care of patient influx, or serve all of your patients. If you have a therapy company, you may need to hire a PRN clinician at some point.

This article shows you five ways to attract PRN clinicians as you grow your practice. Read on to learn more.

Five Methods for Attracting PRN Clinicians

Most clinicians, PRN or full-time employees, prefer to work with clinics that have the first two methods on this list in place. The rest of these points are specific to PRN clinicians and may or may not work for employing full-time therapists.

1. Make it easy for your clinicians to do the work.

There are two benefits to making it easy for clinicians to perform the work you are asking of them.

First, your existing staff will work more efficiently and provide better patient care if they spend less of their time performing administrative functions. Saving your therapists a couple of hours here or there may not seem like much, but it adds up. Giving a therapist their time back allows them to spend that time helping patients, studying, and building your company’s reputation.

Second, when you need to attract a PRN clinician, providing support is vital to their success. Many PRN clinicians already have full-time jobs or are working on contract while the school year is out. They may not have an entrepreneurial mindset, but they do have the passion and special skills you require. If you can make the administration easy so that billing, paperwork, patient scheduling, and more are simple, then your PRN clinician can utilize their time efficiently and provide you with everything you need to bill insurance without a lot of back and forth.

Giving your team proper support lets you and them perform better work with efficiency. That is the goal of the cliniCONNECTS workflow and automation system. Find out more here.

2. Define expectations right at the beginning.

When seeking PRN therapists as well as full-time clinicians, it’s vital that you make your expectations known at the outset. With contractors, clarify that it is a by-contract job, share exactly what they need to accomplish, and ensure they understand statewide expectations for contract workers. Different states and industries have different standards clinicians and PRN workers must follow, so be sure to clarify those standards at the outset.

3. Reach out on job boards and social media.

Even if a position is temporary, you can still use job boards. Just be sure to follow #2 above and clarify precisely what your company needs and what you expect from the position.

4. Do continual outreach.

Many PRN clinicians are doing contract work as a side job or during summer or winter break. Keep a pool of contract clinicians by continually reaching out and letting them know you have temporary and by-contract openings so that they can determine what works best with their schedule.

5. Utilize staffing services and other specialty companies to find the best match.

You can find various portals and staffing services around the internet that are specially designed to connect you with the PRN clinician(s) necessary to build your network. Get in touch and discover how these companies service agencies and how they serve clinics in your area.

Additionally, ensure you understand the relationship between the PRN therapist and the service. Some may be actual staffing services with clinicians hoping to find full-time employment, while others may be a networking agency that connects clinicians with clinics for contract-only work.

There are many ways to find PRN clinicians in your area. Likely, the most challenging part will be onboarding and managing these therapists. That’s where cliniCONNECTS comes in! Click here to learn more about this workflow management software and start automating many of your functions to free up time and energy to manage your growing clinic.

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