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Five Ways to Improve Efficiency At Your Care Provider Company Over the Holidays

The holiday season is right around the corner, which means that employees will be taking time off, making it more challenging to assign the right clinicians to patients. This is the time of year when it becomes evident that many care providers need their office staff and the information living in employees’ heads.

If you don’t want to spend another holiday season calling essential staff to ask them questions that should be documented and systematized, now is the time to build processes and automations as much as possible. At cliniCONNECTS, systematizing and automating care provider companies is our specialty.

Five Ways to Improve Efficiency At Your Care Provider Company Over the Holidays

It’s October, and the holiday season is less than two months away. This means that employees will be taking time off, and your business is about to get very busy.

If you want to support growth and smooth efficiency over the holiday season, use the following five tactics.

1. Automate everything you can

Most employees take time off over the holidays for travel, family time, and vacation. It’s also cold and flu season, so some employees might have to take a few sick days. This can lead to many businesses refusing to expand over the holiday season, giving those with automations in place the chance to capture more market share from those who have to take a holiday hiatus.

If you want to continue to grow your business or, minimally, maintain the market share you currently occupy, now is the time to automate. Find ways to automate clinician outreach, patient assignment, documentation, records, billing, and more.

2. Make documentation accessible

Documenting which therapists cover which areas, clinician certification, HIPPA information, contact information, and more can make it easy for someone else to provide coverage for a vital employee. Document and make sure that documentation is searchable and accessible so that holiday coverage is possible.

3. Improve workflows

Inefficient or poorly set up workflows lead to mistakes, which leads to double or triple work for already stretched employees. Strengthen your workflows now, before the holidays, to ensure that they work every time.

4. Utilize employees for high-level tasks and expertise

When you automate mundane or repetitive tasks, you can utilize your employees for high-level duties and tap into their expertise. Additionally, automation allows you to give knowledgable employees time to create knowledge transfer documents so that someone can take their place while they go on holiday break.

5. Opt for customer-friendly and provider-friendly systems

It seems like everyone is using online systems over the holidays. Whether they are shopping online or planning for 2023, they are likely choosing easy-to-use online applications. During this time of year, it is self-evident when a system is outdated, slow, or hard to use. Make sure your system is among those online, user-friendly choices.

At cliniCONNECTS, we provide a robust software solution for care provider companies so that they can improve efficiency and build redundancy into their business. This is the best way to support growth and makes for pain-free holidays and vacations for office staff and clinicians alike.

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