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How cliniCONNECTS Replaces These Five Systems and Increases Business Efficiency

Therapy care organizations and providers often fall into the trap of utilizing too many systems and overcomplicating repetitive tasks. This makes employees scramble to keep up with patient matching, scheduling, credentialing, and more.

The most commonly used five systems include spreadsheets, a workflow board, maps, texting/phone call services, and online invoicing services. These systems rarely integrate, requiring staff to enter information into more than one program just to schedule a single patient.

If this sounds like you, then your business is likely running into the following problems:

  • No to little automation.

  • No to little system-to-system integration.

  • Delayed patient matching.

  • Communication difficulties.

  • Issues with tracking vital information like certification, patient status, and more.

  • Time-consuming processes.

  • Difficulty tracking critical metrics.

  • Hiring processes that take too long for the existing workload.

  • Problems bringing PRN clinicians on board.

Operating without synchronicity can cause your staff to burn out, making even the best and most passionate administrative employee wonder if their work in healthcare is really worth it. Additionally, all this added work eats at your bottom line, making it challenging to find good admin staff and hire the clinicians necessary to meet your patient's needs.

Business Efficiency Solution

cliniCONNECTS is your solution for increasing business efficiency and automating redundant systems. Here are ten ways that this SaaS solves the problems listed above:

1. Integration with EMR systems

Many therapy care providers value their EMR systems and wish their other systems would integrate with this vital software. The developers at cliniCONNECTS will work with you to build custom integrations with your EMR system. We currently integrate with TherapySync and are happy to custom-build any other integrations you need to make your system work.

2. Quickbooks Integration

Most businesses use some version of Quickbooks, and cliniCONNECTS integrates with this software.

3. Automatic patient matching and scheduling

You and your clinicians can set the criteria for patient matching and let the software do the rest. cliniCONNECTS will match up patients and clinicians, allowing the clinicians to choose patients that match their schedule, location, and expertise. This feature alone will save your office time, money, and headaches.

4. Tracking credentials

Your team can utilize cliniCONNECTS to track credential files and auto-send renewal reminders to clinicians. You can also set the system to stop offering patients to clinicians who still need to update their credentialing information.

5. HIPPA compliance

Because cliniCONNECTS is HIPPA-compliant, clinicians can use the app interface to access patient data directly - as soon as the patient has been assigned.

6. Easy-to-use app

The cliniCONNECTS app allows your field workers to accept patients on the go. They can access patient information, indicate availability, check in when they’ve arrived at their appointment, and much more - all through one easy-to-use application.

7. Geolocation

Utilize geolocation information to confirm visit times and have an irrefutable record of when and where a patient was seen.

8. Customizable maps

The in-app mapping features allow clinicians to quickly and easily locate patients in their zone. Additionally, HR can use location-responsive maps to see coverage in real-time and gain insight into where best to recruit more help.

9. Auto invoicing

cliniCONNECTS makes it easy to generate automatic invoices based on information from EMR visits while tracking the total amount owed in one location.

10. Actionable metrics

Because all of your information is on one platform, cliniCONNECTS metrics make it easy to:

  • Track referral performance.

  • Analyze and improve patient assigning.

  • Determine where to focus recruitment efforts.

The above ten features make it easy to automate, coordinate, and schedule in any therapy setting. Find out more about how cliniCONNECTS can make practice management simple. Click here to schedule a demo.

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