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How one Speech Language Pathology Provider Uses CliniConnects for Patient Matching

Words and Motion Speech Therapy Group, a team that provides in-home and outpatient speech therapy services, uses cliniCONNECTS software to match patients with SLPs. We recently spoke with Mara Trafficante, CEO and President of Words and Motion, about how cliniCONNECTS has helped her practice grow.

Emphatically Paper-Free

At the outset, Mara T. decided to build a paper-free therapy practice. Because her therapists are often helping in-home patients, she did not want to be stuck using a map and a whiteboard for patient assignments. So, she looked at what was available and decided to use cliniCONNECTS along with several other services that allow her team to be paper free.

Building her business around a paper-free mindset has allowed her to grow her company exponentially.

Mara said: "I attribute much of our functionality and growth to the traction we’ve created through cliniCONNECTS. It removes the human error element from patient matching."

Respecting Employee Time

One factor that Mara shared was that the cliniCONNECTS app helps SLPs and SLP Assistants feel as if they have power over their schedule. This gives them the independence they need to provide patients with the best care possible.

Because all therapists have a choice about scheduling, location, and availability, they can factor flexibility into their work life that often better fits patient needs. A therapist who needs a more flexible schedule can help a patient in the early morning or late afternoon or on a weekend day if that works best for both the patient and the therapist. It’s up to the clinician to determine the best schedule, which empowers them to have some mastery over their workweek, even as they work in person.

Additionally, therapists feel respected by the Words and Motion administrative team, which makes them happier employees.

Mara said: "cliniCONNECTS has made our SLPs and SLPAs feel like they have mastery over their own life. It has allowed them to feel very independent. They pick up referrals based on what works with their schedule and geography. Psychologically, this makes our employees feel more respected.

"It sets the Words and Motion work culture apart from other therapy care providers. Our SLPs and SLPAs are giving at-home services, and the app gives them a sense of agency."

Simple Implementation

Mara T. compared training her therapy team to use the cliniCONNECTS app to “teaching someone how to use a toaster.” The seamless platform allows her to cut down on orientation and training time and gets therapists into the field, helping patients more rapidly.

On the administrative end, she shared that the cliniCONNECTS team has taken on her feedback and that of her coordinators to improve the app as they use it. They started with an Excel spreadsheet, and the cliniCONNECTS team was able to help them find a solution for each line of the spreadsheet, reducing their need for additional online tools.

Patient Matching

Words and Motion mainly uses cliniCONNECTS for the automated patient matching functionality. On this topic, Mara T. said:

“cliniCONNECTS is the way to go. If a business is still manually assigning therapists to patients or clients, they are in the ice age. It’s just not going to get you very far anymore. We wouldn’t have grown without cliniCONNECTS.”

Are you looking for an automated patient-matching solution for your therapy care clinic? Schedule your demo today and find the solution you’ve been seeking. This one element can save you time, money, and hundreds of hours of frustration.

Schedule a demo here.

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