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How One Therapy Group Uses CliniCONNECTS for Patient Matching

We recently spoke with Dr. Mina Hanna, owner of A-List Therapy Group, about his experience using cliniCONNECTS. A-List Therapy Group is a Los Angeles-based company that connects home-health patients with occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, and physical therapists, all of whom use the cliniCONNECTS app to receive patient referrals. The app and software have helped A-List Therapy Group empower clinicians to set their own schedule, accept new patients based on availability and location, and access HIPPA-compliant information on the go.

Cutting back on manual processes with cliniCONNECTS

In our discussion with Dr. Hanna, he shared that he started using cliniCONNECTS to cut back on the texts and calls his team has had to make to match patient referrals with clinicians. Since using this SaaS, he has cut down on these manual processes by anywhere from 30%-50%.

Keeping all therapist information in one secure location

One of the more difficult parts of building a therapy care network like A-List Therapy Group is that, without software like cliniCONNECTS, all of the coverage locations and therapist names end up living in one person’s mind. In Dr. Hanna’s case, he was the keeper of this information. It meant that, as his list grew, he had to manually enter updates from therapists while also keeping track of changes in his head.

cliniCONNECTS stores the information that once lived in his head.

Dr. Hanna said: “The software identifies which clinicians are near which addresses, and it automatically sends the offer to the clinician or provides the information on which clinicians are in the area so we can immediately text them. Without this software, you have to be the one who knows all the information about each clinician. I was the one who knew everything, and I can’t be that person as my business expands. When we first started, it was fine. But, when you start growing, you can feel that it’s getting out of your control.

“cliniCONNECTS is helping in that sense, and I like that.”

Easy implementation

When he began working with cliniCONNECTS, the team walked him through every implementation step, ensuring the system integrated with their current processes. Additionally, Dr. Hanna found that the app has been simple for therapists and therapist assistants to use. The clinician gets a notification from the app the moment a referral comes in, and they have the option to accept or reject it right away. This reduces the need for his staff to text referrals to PTs, OTs, SLPs, and PTAs.

At cliniCONNECTS, we work with all types of therapy care companies, regional centers, referral networks, and other companies in the medical industry. Our software provides an easy-to-use system for patient matching, delivering automation and a clear-cut way for medical personnel to accept or reject referrals based on their location and schedule.

Find out more by scheduling a demo with our team! Click here and get on the calendar.

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