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Reduce Your Patient Matching Time in One Simple Step

Manually matching a patient with the right clinician takes a lot of time, thought, and energy. Healthcare organizations around the country struggle to rapidly match patients to the appropriate specialist for any number of reasons. Here are the top four reasons many therapy care providers are struggling with patient matching:

1. Finding and hiring all the staff necessary to make manual matches can take time and effort.

2. The patient needs in-home care, and it’s hard to geolocate clinicians and make sure their schedules and routes line up with patient requirements.

3. Clinicians have varying schedules, as do patients, so your team is constantly trying to pin down a moving target.

4. Your business is using various systems, including physical maps, spreadsheets, calendaring apps, whiteboards, workflow software, and EMR systems. With so many systems in the mix, things are getting confused.

It can be challenging to make a profit and provide beneficial treatment to patients when so much administrative time and attention is taken up by patient matching.

Fortunately, there is a solution.

cliniCONNECTS saw this patient matching issue and wondered, “What if this could be automated?” After looking to see if there are automated patient matching solutions on the market and finding none, the cliniCONNECTS team determined to build one ourselves.

Reduce Your Patient Matching Time in One Simple Step

cliniCONNECTS is a robust software solution for all kinds of workflow issues encountered by therapy care providers. However, our software’s most popular feature is automatic clinician-to-patient matching. This customizable feature comes loaded with the technology and algorithms needed to automatically assign patients by settings that you customize. These include assignments by clinician caseload, specialty, location, availability, and more.

Patient matching is easy to set up and access. Additionally, the system is created to allow clinicians to update their information. This means they can update contact information, service areas, availability, and more in-app without calling in or using another calendaring program (or marking it on a whiteboard).

Your clinic can set up tiered clinician prioritization, which is a helpful feature if you employ clinicians trying to make their hours for full-time status or contract with freelance therapists.

Finally, with cliniCONNECTS, there is no more hopping between programs and systems. You can build your needs into the system, and the system takes it from there. Once you’ve completed a simple setup process, your clinicians simply need to download the cliniCONNECTS app and create their profile to access assignments, patient information, and more in-app.

The app is HIPPA compliant, so therapists can get the information they need to service the patient in front of them all in one place.

The cliniCONNECTS software does more than just automatic patient matching. It addresses workflow concerns, allows for in-app invoicing, can be integrated with your favorite EMR system, and much more. Put cliniCONNECTS to work for you. Schedule a free demo to determine how your business can best utilize this powerful software.

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