Conversations between Therapy Advantage & CliniConnects

Mindy from Therapy Advantage sat down with our CEO Shachar to share what makes Cliniconnects so valuable for her team, especially in regards to scheduling and staffing patients automatically.

Can you give a little bit of background about therapy advantage?

Therapy Advantage started back in 2007, based out of Columbus, Ohio. That's our home base. I'm sure like many of the companies on the call today they started relatively small and then just sort of grew out from there. We started in a home office in Columbus and, now you're about 15 years later, we cover almost all of Ohio, we're up into the Southern part of Michigan.

So that's how things have progressed for us over the past few years. operationally we have three branch offices. We have our Columbus office, our Northwest office and our Cincinnati office.

Can you talk to us a little bit about how you guys handled the patient matching process before CliniConnects?

Basically, it was a manual process. You would have to remember, where does the patient live? Who are all the therapists that live in that city or cover that county, and then mentally match up patients with therapists? I mean, that's what everybody's doing is, you know, trying to get the therapist efficiently to the patient. It was all manual for us. We literally had a list of every therapist, every discipline, every county that they cover. And that's what we referred to and we had to manually text everybody.

“Hey, can you take this patient? Hey, can you take this patient? So, lots of tracking, lots of manual. Lists and so forth. “

What would happen if someone in the office decides to leave, in the situation where somebody might have all the data in their head.

Right. I know for us it was a constant struggle. Actually, our largest branch, which is our Columbus office, our intake coordinator quit unexpectedly about a week and a half ago. For the past, probably at least six months, I've been asking her to create the staffing list. Like you can't just have it in your head. And, you know, for whatever reason, it was just like this constant barrier. She wasn't getting it done, wasn't getting it done. She could physically do the job, but my fear was always, what happens when she leaves her, or something happens. it's kind of ironic because we had several months before that decided to implement cliniconnects.

Honestly, I don't even know what this would look like. Cause she's been gone for about a week and a half now. It would be a complete mess if we did not have already implemented cliniconnects, because right now. We're down our biggest coordinator, we stopped the replace, and we have all hands-on deck, anytime you have all hands in the pot it's just chaos. Having cliniconnects, that's giving us the one spot, because obviously it's a web based, anyone from anywhere can see all the exact same data. The fact that we can function as seamlessly as we are with one last key person on our intake team, it's speaks to Cliniconnects

What was the reason originally when you made the decision to implement CliniConnects?

Yeah, probably two main things. I don't want to rely on somebody's brain and memory and the like, it's got to be information has got to be universal.

"I didn't want to rely on one person's brain to remember all the staffing for the company. Like that's just too much control on someone else's hands. one I wanted to regain control over that. And two as a company we've been making a big push over the past year. Anything and everything we can automate we're going to automate."

How do you feel that the service has been so far that you received from cliniconnects?

I can honestly say that I have never worked with a company that has provided as much customer service. You guys are unbelievably accessible. I love how, we can call you guys with a problem and, I might call asking “Hey, can you guys implement this in CliniConnects, can you somehow tweak this to help me with this problem? And what I love is that you guys are digging into the problem. You want to know exactly what the root of it is. And often times the system already has got the solution, but I just don't know it cause I'm in a newer user to it. And so, one of two things will happen either. You'll explain to me, okay, the system will solve that problem if you do this or we can implement a new process, which has been awesome.

That's amazing. If you were to just summarize how it's really helped you and your team, how would you summarize that?

It’s so exciting to me. First of all, my favorite thing is to streamline and make things more efficient. And, when you're down people in the office, obviously everybody pitches in, I'm jumping in and do an intake and coordinating, and this, that, and the other.

It's so satisfying to literally put the referral in and then you go check an email and you come back, you know, five minutes later in all four disciplines are assigned. It's the most satisfying feeling like "this is amazing"!

Now of course that's not all referrals. And you know how it is, we all have to deal with some problem solving and you're never going to get away from that. If you can automate a portion or percentage of your assignment process, it's huge because I think one of the benefits, I mean, there's a ton of benefits, but one of the things that I noticed is that anybody can push the buttons through cliniconnects, right? You don't need high level thinker. You don't need a problem solver to put the referral in and let the algorithm run. That's the beauty of the automation of cliniconnects. What it does allow is, and this is something that we've struggled with in the past.

It's like we want our, we want our admin team and our coordinators to. Have elevated thinking. We want them to problem solve and, make decisions that are best for the company financially and be able to move some puzzle pieces around and manipulate caseload's and all those things that we want as business owners and leaders. But when your team's bogged down with the simple stuff of like texting 50,000 therapists every single day, they don't have the capacity to make those higher-level decisions and do those higher-level tasks. Allowing the system to take a chunk of that off them, I'm finding that we were having the capacity and they have the capacity to do that higher level thinking that I need them to do.


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