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Upgrade Your Workflows in One Step

Do you own a healthcare company that uses contract or in-home nurses, clinicians, HHAs, or PCAs? Do you usually end up managing home visits by with spreadsheets, a physical or online app, a texting app, and an EMR? Your team may use a whiteboard to track where all of your field clinicians are assigned. Or your field team may need to physically check in at the beginning and end of each workday - even if they live right next door to their first in-home patient.

You are not alone.

Many home health providers utilize older tools to try to manage their home health team.

Because these tools are not purpose-built, workflows get jammed, and you have to hire more and more people to manage those out in the field. Additionally, one person (usually the CEO) has to remember the coverage areas of each healthcare worker so that they can appropriately assign patient loads.

This gets unwieldy and prevents exponential growth.

Fortunately, cliniCONNECTS provides a solution.

Upgrade Your Workflows in One Step

cliniCONNECTS brings your business into the 21st century by helping you get rid of spreadsheets, maps, and whiteboards by providing an all-in-one platform. Our goal is to automate as many existing processes as possible so that your staff can focus on what is important: providing patients with the best quality of care.

With cliniCONNECTS, you get:

  • An all-in-one platform for patient matching, scheduling, team management, finance, credential tracking, and data insights.

  • EMR and Quickbooks integration.

  • Customizable tiers so your team can prioritize field staff based on performance and specialty.

  • Easy-to-use, HIPPA-compliant app for healthcare staff working in the field. This app allows them to manage their schedule and service area, get patient information, confirm visits, and provide updates.

  • Easy-to-automate key systems like clinician/patient matching.

  • Customizable finance tracking and automated invoicing.

  • Accessible data storage.

  • Internal workflow system.

  • Algorithmic learning that enables your software to improve over time.

This SaaS reduces manual matching, helps cut out antiquated systems, and allows you to optimize staff time. Not only does automating systems like patient matching free up time, but it empowers your team to do what they are best at. That is, helping patients.

cliniCONNECTS is an all-in-one platform from which you can automate systems, manage workflows, find scheduling solutions, keep up with credentialling, and so much more. Schedule your demo today.

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