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What is the Number One Problem Therapy Care Providers Encounter?

Therapy care providers often utilize several different software services and use human capital to try to connect patients and therapists. On top of all that, they must verify licensing information, keep track of therapists’ service areas or schedules, handle paperwork, and wrangle invoices.

This leaves minimal margin for error, profit, and the normal employee attrition that happens in any company. Some therapy care providers depend so heavily on employee memories that, if one employee gets sick, goes on vacation, or leaves the company, the business must scramble to avoid a catastrophe.

Working in this field can make one feel like an old-time circus performer, trying to keep one hundred plates spinning at once. There is no margin for error and much room for improvement in the therapy care provider field.

The #1 Problem Care Providers Encounter

Therapy care providers face many challenges, but the main issue we hear about time and time again is a lack of efficiency. The business team is working to coordinate patient care with the therapist’s schedules, as well as monitoring insurance issues, handling billing questions, and working with schedule changes.

Much of this is often monitored with simplistic programs like Microsoft Excel and Google Maps. Excel was built to solve math equations and create graphs, and Google Maps was created to replace Mapquest. These programs were not built to handle workflow issues specific to the patient care industry.

So, how do therapy care providers get out of the rut of using ten different programs to wrangle therapists, patients, home health agencies, internal management, workflows, and more?

Why Therapy Care Providers Choose CliniConnects

The answer is CliniConnects.

Here are ten reasons why therapy care providers tell us they chose CliniConnects:

1. Improved Efficiency

The CliniConnects system is robust. It takes care of patient matching, team management, finance tracking, office organization, and more. By customizing workflows, therapy care providers can automate much of the assignment process and help clinicians rapidly find patients that match their criteria.

Putting every aspect of the business on one platform allows employees to do things that actually need a human touch rather than repeatedly trying to replicate automatable systems.

2. Automation

So much of the vital work required to run a successful therapy care provider company can be automated. For one, the patient matching process is a task that a computer can do. But, much of the software used for this task is not customizable or purpose-built. This means that you are hiring people to do work a computer can do, which is both demoralizing and inefficient.

CliniConnects enables people to do the work that people should do, not the work computers should do.

3. Customization

Your business is unique. You have a particular way of doing things that may be proprietary or might just be the way your team works together best. CliniConnects is entirely customizable. This means the software molds to your business, and you don’t need to mold your business to the software.

4. Ease of use

Workflow systems ought to be easy to use and intuitive to understand. We considered that when designing CliniConnects, making it simple to use so that any of your employees can understand and utilize the software with minimal training. Again, we want people doing the work they specialize in while the system does its job as automatically as possible.

5. Saves time

With the automation and workflows provided by CliniConnects, employees save time on cumbersome tasks like updating excel sheets, managing calendars, trying to measure metrics, and more. The workflow is set up to build efficiency into your business model, cutting back on the time it takes to assign patients to a particular therapist, invoicing, tracking certification, and much more.

6. Integrates with systems providers and clinicians already use

No one wants to lose access to the purpose-built tools they are already using. CliniConnects currently integrates with TherapySync and Quickbooks, with more integrations on the way. This makes it even easier to increase efficiency and still use the systems you already know and love.

7. Saves money

Ask yourself, how many people would I need to hire to scale this business, build franchises, or create a nationwide service? If you are using inefficient tools, you will likely have to hire hundreds of people to do the work the CliniConnects software can do for you automatically. Instead of hiring a slew of data entry employees, you can now focus on hiring specialists who understand the laws, licensing, and billing idiosyncrasies of the areas into which you are expanding your business.

8. Makes vital data more accessible

Your team needs to understand metrics, patient feedback, therapist feedback, and more. Customizing CliniConnects to fit your statistical models and feedback needs will allow you to make rapid business decisions, pivoting as the industry or laws change.

9. Simplifies complex processes

There are a million workflow models and even SaaS systems out there that promise to simplify workflows. CliniConnects is purpose-built for your industry. We have all worked in the therapy care provider space as therapists or care providers, and we understand your needs. This system is specifically built for your industry and is customizable to your business model.

10. Cuts down on staffing issues

If you have data entry staff, scheduling staff, and other staff performing functions that could be taken over by automation, CliniConnects will save you from having to hire more and more staff as you grow. Instead, you can repurpose existing staff, utilizing their years of expertise to promote business growth instead of business maintenance.

Does CliniConnects sound interesting to you? Schedule a demo and see the software in action!

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