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Use Your Favorite Tools

Easy EMR Integration

Get real-time data insights on therapists, referral sources, physicians, and much more

Current integrations include Therapy Sync and Quickbooks online 

Our team of developers will work with you to make custom integrations with your current systems


Send key, HIPAA compliant patient data directly to clinicians though the easy-to-use app interface​

Reduce time and effort staffing from the office, by letting your field works accept work on the go​

Empower your field workers to choose the areas that best suit them with worker-adjusted coverage areas​

Use geo-location data to confirm visit times, and have a record of when patients were seen​

Work on the Go

Easy To Use App

Full Clinician Dashboard

30 Miles

Max Radius

Spanish (Clinical)





1346 West Rd

Gold License: Smith, Jessica


Physical Therapist

Phone Number

(555) 555-5555

Time Available

10-2 M-F, 2-4 Sat

Preferred Radius

10 Miles

Screenshot (8s2).png
Portrait of a Young Doctor
John Parker
Occupational Therapist
Patient List: 29%
6824 Old Town Rd
(555) 555-5555
Female Doctor
Jessica Smith
Physical Therapist
Patient List: Full
1346 West Rd
(555) 555-5555
Pink Uniform Doctor
Lynn Steger
Registered Nurse
Patient List: 10%
(555) 555-5555
Young Doctor
Derek Washington
Speech Therapist
Patient List: 56%

Office Organization

Track credential files and automatically send customizable renewal reminders

Store all clinician files in one convenient location, ensuring you always have the most current data​

Balance work loads by sending work to specific clinicians using geo-location, availability, and tiers

Easy to Use

Know when clinicians plan to see their patients, and get a full list of previous patients assigned

Patient Lists and Schedules

Customizable Priority Statuses

Use algorithms to choose which clinicians get offers first, and easily distribute your clinicians' case loads

Set up personalized rates and manage margins with clinicians, all from the dashboard

Individual Billing Structures

Get the information you need to contact clinicians, as well as their service areas, and times available, all in an easy to use dashboard

Interconnected Contact Details

Real-time Recruitment Map

Stay Connected

Manage Your Team

Use location responsive maps to see coverage in real-time, and where best to recruit more help

Use tiers to prioritize clinicians based on performance and specialty, to maximize your quality of care

Use check-ins and patient dashboards to see a calendar of scheduled and completed visits

Generate automatic invoices based on info from EMR visits, and track total amount owed in one location

Use custom templates to quickly track billable hours and future invoices

Use flexible or fixed profit margins, to increase profits and clinician satisfaction

Get Real-time Data

Finance Tracking

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The best tools to streamline your patient care, and provide industry leading service.

CliniConnects makes companies as efficient as possible. Saving time and money by eliminating repetitive tasks.

  • Instantly and automatically match the best clinician to your patient. 

  • ​Determine the priorities for patient-clinician matches that are best for your unique organization.​​​​​​

  • CliniConnects has integrated with a number of enterprise partners, including EMR's.​​​​​​

  • Safely manage your companies data, send itemized invoices, and track expiring credentials.

Trusted by leading healthcare organizations

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