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Start the New Year Right With These Ten Tips for Increased Efficiency

As we step into 2023, every business is seeking to become more efficient. Staffing challenges have made streamlining in the form of automation, rapid coordination, and synchronized action more vital than ever - particularly in healthcare.

If you are in the healthcare field, you know that optimizing staff efficiency is the only way to provide necessary patient care. This article shares ten tips for increasing efficiency in your healthcare company.

Ten Tips for Increased Efficiency

With so many companies looking to increase efficiency, we would like to share ten tips you can implement this year to build a streamlined healthcare company.

1. Implement automation.

At CliniConnects, we are all about automation. If there is something we can automate, we do. This includes patient matching, credentialling reminders, and more.

Your company can utilize automation for everything from sending scheduling reminders to automated patient matching to generating reports. Automation makes your company more efficient without the need to hire more employees.

2. Integrate systems.

You may be surprised to find out how many of your systems can be integrated. For example, CliniConnects uses a maps app to help clinicians understand where to find a patient’s home. We also integrate with many EMR systems and Quickbooks.

What systems do you use - and do they integrate? 2023 is the year to find that out!

3. Review and condense existing systems.

Many companies use a variety of software without fully understanding what each product does. This causes overspending on software that does the same thing. Take time in 2023 to review your systems and see if there are redundancies that you can cut.

4. Go paperless.

We recently interviewed a client who shared that she found CliniConnects in her quest to go paperless. Her paperless solutions allowed her company to grow and scale like never before as she sought out custom automation and revolutionary systems for her speech therapy business.

Taking on the goal to go paperless will lead you to solutions you didn’t even know existed! Try going paperless this year and see what efficient solutions you discover.

5. Try an all-in-one solution.

No matter the issue you face, there likely is an all-in-one solution to resolve the problem. We built CliniConnects to provide for in-home therapy care providers, home healthcare companies, regional centers, insurance agencies, and others. If you are looking for an all-in-one solution for task management, automation, and communications, you may find it here at CliniConnects.

6. Utilize task management software.

There are many task management solutions, including Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and others. These software solutions were created to reduce duplicative work and streamline tasks. Try a management system like CliniConnects, Trello, Asana, or another task management software solution. You’ll be surprised at the increase in efficiency.

7. Set credentialling to autopilot.

Many therapy care and healthcare providers struggle with tracking credentialing. CliniConnects helps you set this on autopilot, making it easy to keep track of credentialling, send reminders about credentialling updates, and even block providers who have let credentialling lapse from accessing your patients.

8. Cut down on phone calls.

Phone calls take up your time, the time of your healthcare workers, and patient time. Instead of going back and forth trying to match patients, use automated patient-matching software. This will allow you to spend your phone time serving patients.

9. Ease employee training by utilizing simple solutions.

CliniConnects is a simple solution that can be utilized in every aspect of your home-health company. One of our customers said that training therapists to use it was like “teaching them to use a toaster.” Taking the complexity out of everyday tasks makes training rapid and allows your administrative staff to focus on truly complex issues.

10. If you use CliniConnects, discuss customizations that will help your business scale in 2023.

Did you know that CliniConnects is completely customizable? Get in touch with us about the issues you’re encountering, and we will provide a custom solution that is perfect for your company.

Improving efficiency will help you treat more patients this year than ever before. Schedule a demo with CliniConnects to find your custom solution for patient matching, automation, task management, and more.

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