Interview With Words & Motion Speech Therapy

We sat down with Yamileth De Paz, Clinical Coordinator for 'Words & Motion Speech Therapy' to see how Cliniconnects has helped them to stay organized, increase profits, and process patients more effectively.

What are some things that CliniConnects has helped with?

We had issues with scheduling. We were growing really fast. I had a big calendar with everybody's schedule in front of me with Pen and paper and Google docs. It was a nightmare!

And how did you guys hear about Cliniconnects?

Actually Mara, our CEO had a friend that was a speech therapist and she told her "Hey, there's this app called clinic connects. Instead of asking every therapist it just sends the new patients out in the app."

Has that been helpful for your team?

"Everybody's out in the field and their schedule changes they can grab what fits their schedule and the therapist gets what they want "

Yeah maybe like 85% of our patients are in-home. everybody's out in the field and their schedule changes daily. The south LA area is massive. So sometimes just one kid would take me 10 emails going back and forth, it was really a nightmare! Now they just grab whatever fits their schedule. It's in front of their face and it's just yes or no and the therapist gets what they want.

How has working with Cliniconnects been so far?

Everything is great! It's changed the way we work and we're getting these kids started faster. Cause it was so stressful before. We call it our life changing experience!


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